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Hello | नमस्ते | Khamma Ghani | ഹലോ | হ্যালো | হেৰি | ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ | ہیلو

We are Soko Living - Natural, Organic and Sustainable 

At Soko Living, we believe the healthiest, most vibrant future is built on a foundation of taking responsibility for our own lives and doing what we can to make the world around us better. We hope that through sourcing the world's best ingredients, we embark on a journey of unlearning

synthetic consumption.

We are a sustainable lifestyle brand that believes in natural healing and good health, which started as an attempt to feel closer to nature during the pandemic. 


We stand for a minimal waste lifestyle, natural healing , eco friendly solutions and well being. In tune with this, our vision is to provide a tranquil lifestyle to people that aids in natural healing without compromising on Earth.






Meet the Crazy Team

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Manvee Bhansali

Founder, CEO

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Saloni Bhansali

Creative Director

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Ricco Bhansali

Chief Happiness Officer

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